PV 2015

The Second Workshop on Parameterized Verification
A Satellite Event of Concur 2015
Madrid, September 4-5, 2015

Talks and slides are available here.


Systems composed of a finite but possibly arbitrary number of identical components occur everywhere from hardware design (e.g. cache coherence protocols) to distributed applications (e.g. client-server applications). Parameterized verification is the task of verifying the correctness of this kind of systems regardless the number of their components.

The workshop is aimed at bringing together researchers working on Parameterized Verification using

  • Specifications in automata and logic, term and graph rewriting, Petri nets, process algebra, ...
  • Validation methods via assertional and regular model checking, reachability and coverability decision procedures, abstractions, theorem proving, constraint solving,...
  • Applications to hardware design, cache coherence protocols, security and communication protocols, multithreaded and concurrent programs, programs with relaxed memory models, mobile and distributed systems, database languages and systems, biological systems, ...

The workshop is organized as a series of tutorial and invited talks.


Parosh A. Abdulla, Uppsala University, Sweden
Giorgio Delzanno DIBRIS, University of Genova

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